SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015


French Government Creates a Tragic Precedent

In refusing to suspend the June 27, 2014 sale of Hopi objects, the Board ignored the legal recognition that the U.S. gives to Native American tribes and refused to apply its own law governing provenance research of objects to be sold at auction. This decision creates a tragic precedent and sets the stage for France to become a safe haven for any cultural property originating with indigenous peoples worldwide. FULL ARTICLE


Covert Action

Despite the failures and the successes, the victims and the victors, the ancient and the modern, the celebrated and the secret, the fatal and the deceptive, covert action has played an important role in U.S. national security. READ

Beyond Progressive Realization

The importance of education to nation-building has been known since time immemorial, but in many African countries, this is still a novel idea to be sold and bought by leaders who remain unmoved by all positive correlations between education and development. READ

Deconstructing Tolerance

Tolerance may have been an enlightening idea in the context of the prevailing conditions in the early modern period. It is certainly not in the twenty first century. READ


Characterization of the Human Spirit

Repugnance, despair and darkness exist within human nature. We learn nothing if we do not examine this part of our psyche. Jacob's Courage is a novel exploring the complex relationships between humans during the Holocaust. READ


How Can Americans Turn Their
Backs on These Kids?

Restrictive immigration policies applying to Latin Americans dovetail with other U.S. measures harmful to poor people in the region, and elsewhere, among them free trade agreements, U.S. aid to the region’s repressive military and police forces, a green light for multi-national corporations, and alliances with wealthy classes of many countries. MORE


Where is Edward Coke when we need him?

In a speech in Michigan in 2005, President Bush linked lawsuits with job losses: "Frivolous and junk lawsuits cost the economy about $250 billion a year." MORE


Don’t Stop the Music: iTunes and Probate Law

Clients should be advised from the beginning that attempts to bequeath their iTunes Library may be futile under current copyright laws and Apple’s terms. MORE


International Day of the African Child: A Tragic Tale for the Children of the Continent

June 16 is the day of the African child, but every year the tale of the African child in comparison to other children of the world is a pitiful and tragic rhapsody. MORE


History of Capital Punishment

The legal history of capital punishment in the United Kingdom is an interesting one and ranges across many centuries from the extreme of having no crimes strictly punishable by death to a multitude and back to none. READ


The Ethics of State Monopolization of Force

The dominant political philosophy of Realism is often regarded as prioritizing state survival. To that end, seminal thinkers of political philosophy such as Machiavelli, Weber and Hobbes have argued for the state monopoly of force and territorial expansion as significant elements of ensuring the survival of the modern state. FULL ARTICLE