Women’s Suffrage, and Tumultuous Petitions

Ben Darlow

The UK’s General Election on 8 June 2017 provides a compelling backdrop for a discussion of the history of voting rights in Parliamentary elections. More »

Will AI Shaft the Lawyer?

Jaskaran Singh Kohli

The Luddite rebellions at the beginning of the 19th century remained largely un-commemorated two hundred years later. More »

Austria’s Neutrality in the Wake of the Ukrainian Conflict

Mohamed Elghusein

The undiplomatic language and calls for imposing strong sanctions against Russia by Nehammer and Schallenberg is a deviation from Kresikyan foreign policy and diplomacy as we know it in Austria. More »

The Medical Liability of the Mouth

Steven Jaksha DMD

There is a behemoth in the room that everyone is trying to ignore but if we are not careful, we’ll be crushed one day by this ignorance. More »